Cosmetic Surgery Abroad

There was a time when Cosmetic Surgery Abroad was a hot topic; now things have calmed down but a fact is true: many people still search for having dependable cosmetic surgery at affordable prices and one of the main destinations is still Latin America.

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Next generation biocompatible PMMA needs high microspheres manufacturing standards

Medical techniques and expertise in the sculpting process Bioplasty involves, cannot overlook the importance doctor performing procedure has since the impeccable and most neat performance of this technique focuses on the deep PMMA inner micro spheres placement and outer volume and contouring of softer tissues at the same time, which needs expertise, not improvisation as often seen.

The use of a legal and officially approved PMMA brand in Colombia is our guarantee of the legitimacy of a substance produced to stand apart from potential health risks associated to silicone injections and low quality chemically produced substances that do not meet standards, such as underground brands found commonly.

Microspheres of Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) have been implanted in human body for long, yet only recent years brought us the final answer as far as aesthetic improvement is concerned. Artecoll developed in Germany in 1994 by professor Gottfriend has widely spread in Europe, South America and Canada; complications as such are very rare, negative rate is practically nonexistent, in orthopedic surgery satisfactory records are simply amazing.

The process for producing PMMA microspheres is extremely unique being that it aims to generate perfectly round microspheres which are totally free of contamination; this is very important since only exceptionally smooth surfaces will promote rapid encapsulation by collagen and patient’s own self defense mechanisms to isolate a foreign visitor. It is theorized microspheres that lack the process where they are brought into exact sizes, large enough to avoid migration and phagocytosis yet sufficiently small as to pass through infiltration cannulas, are bound to end up in deficient standards which translates into complex processes.

Substances that have not engaged with excellence will often be found in underground brands which use materials that are produced under poor manufacturing standards commonly tempted by financial benefits, putting aside the relevance perfectly smooth PMMA microspheres’ surfaces have within the whole context involved in Bioplasty.

Furthermore the vehicle which is used to transport PMMA microspheres to set desired places, must be a biocompatible and biodegradable bio-material which will act friendly with human body causing no side effects as silicone does.

Silicone, also being an inert material, i.e. not biodegradable nor biocompatible thus likely to cause a variety of side effects, does not comply with principles behind Bioplasty; carboxymethylcellulose instead, fully meets soft tissues filling of outer areas shaping and contouring.

Once again there must be intelligence behind a last generation bio-material in the sense it prevents migration of substance being that reticulated polymer chains provide self-cohesion elements to the formulation of the substance so that material will be prevented from trespassing cellular barrier as normally occurs with silicone, reaching blood stream and becoming a serious health threat and even potential death risk. Silicone which will freely settle anywhere in the body from vital organs to articulations, is not what Bioplasty proposes.

Irregular spheres, smaller sizes than needed, sharp edges produced by non-selective enough and poor chemical processes, will derive into obvious lesser quality substances which surely will also lack approval and official health certification; however equally reaching people under different speeches and statements.

PMMA microspheres will remain deeply placed at inner gluteus anatomical planes forming a mesh-like inner interconnection of soft tissues growth, i.e. connective tissue formation cushioned and amalgamated by vector substance’s presence.

Vector substances one is to be cautious about since a variety of substances ranging from silicone gel to biopolymers and plain H2O solution are commonly part of non-certified substances.

Vehicles used in Artecoll and Juvederm suffer fast resorption, whilst on the other hand, collagen and hyaluronic compounds are not really adequate for large muscles groups’ enhancement and augmenting, where higher viscosity and density is required.

Carboxymethylcellulose is a biocompatible vehicle that holds high durability and cohesiveness properties to the extent of being considered a superior quality permanent filler.

Several years of optimum results is the normal final turnout Bioplasty offers; carrier substance lasting a long time rather than one or two years is crucial not only to comply with patient’s most evident expectations, but for the perfect integration of both PMMA microspheres and outer superficial levels where tissues retraction, resorption, aging, volume loss, sinking areas, low muscles development, are mostly evident.

Carboxymethylcellulose makes an outstanding vehicle since, not only volume and shape are kept intact for longer periods of time, but also carrier being highly cohesive itself, will add and maintain a perfect balance between PMMA implantation, amalgamating and cushioning inner and outer anatomical planes for an optimum integration.

Fast resorbed fillers’ manufacturers claim inner connective tissue encapsulation is sufficient to generate muscle volume, stating once carrier vehicle biodegrades, procedure will have sufficient body in itself as to cover a role impossible to be met through PMMA microspheres implantation only. Expecting volume and corrections mostly evidenced at superficial levels to be solved out by connective tissue formation only, is not quite feasible in our opinion. A high quality carrier substance is a must in order to offer long lasting soft tissues corrections rather than having treated area collapsing quickly.

What does bioplasty or buttock injections mean?

This technique entirely developed in South America aims to replace muscular mass loss, shaping, defining and contouring major muscles groups in order to building back volume deficiencies that produce poor aesthetics. The logics behind this successful technique are simple and coherent at the same time. Not just a matter of filling specific areas with any substance but issues related to proper type of substance in terms of biocompatibility (no side effects), biodegradability to take place very slowly within time (long lasting procedures) and micro spheres of PMMA contained in the formula generating immune responses against foreign particles thus boosting up the formation of fibrous inner tissues to isolate the “visitors”.

Bioplasty also known as “buttock injections by PMMA” or “buttock augmentation” is a technique with a variety of applications in the human body, it works extremely well both in face and body sculpting to provide immediate corrections and replace volume loss.

What marks the difference between tissue fillers in general and a specially designed formula for buttock and major muscles groups purposes is the PMMA factor which is essential in the path row to real Bioplasty since any substance will not produce the needed interaction nor will induce body to activate its own fibrous tissues mechanisms in order to deliver a long lasting procedure with very natural characteristics within a minimally invasive medical approach.

Take collagen for example, its thin liquid like formula with no stay in elements as to prevent it from fading away rapidly, makes a clear instance in which a tissue filler passes by our body leaving us with nothing after a while.

Hydrogels are mainly indicated for face corrections due their thin and low consistency formula. A bunch of Hydrogel brands such as Aqua-mid which is the original brand from Denmark and other various clones of it such as Argiform made in Russia and Bio-Alcamid made in Italy plus few others are used mainly in face volume loss replacement, mainly thought to correct soft tissue depressions and lines, still they are to be considered as original formulas yet not necessarily FDA approved but all of them are endorsed by the government health agencies in their countries of origin complying with all their regulations.

Last generation substances designed for large muscular groups on the other hand, are not only extremely ductile as to allow molding and sculpting but the innovation put into them results into non migrating substances due to the mesh like ability to staying together, i.e. highly cohesive substances that do not split into pieces as to derive into blood stream.

Metacorp is duly certified and approved by our official Food & Drugs Administration, only for sale among certified doctors.

The reconstruction of features, soft tissues resorption and muscular quality and volume loss finds the perfect ally in bioplasty by PMMA due to the versatility of lab designed substances for face and body sculpting achieving goals that reach further than simply filling.

The answer for people to becoming engaged with bioplasty proposals is found in the immediate results and the extremely easy going take and go concept widely appreciated by people everywhere these days. Surgery is postponed altogether and people are finding easier ways out to solve their specific problems.




  • Smart lipo (fat liquefying laser)
  • Vaser lipo (ultrasound equipment)
  • In-office localized small adipose fatty cells removal


  • Facial Rejuvenation (entire face approach including nose and chin balance)
  • Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty (nose bridge correction, tip of nose and nostrils narrowing)
  • Chin Augmentation
  • Buttocks Augmentation, definition and contouring
  • Calves, pectorals, cleavage enhancement, small sessions only
  • Lip Augmentation, definition, shaping
  • Hands rejuvenation


  • Various types of disolvable and permanent threads
  • Threads for face and neck lifting
  • Tensile Threads for Chin and Eyebrows
  • Gluteopexy or buttock lifting with Tensile Threads only for primary buttocks flaccidity to be done with buttocks bioplasty


Small body bioplasty sessions to suit any specific area such as buttocks lateral depressions, dimples, superficial irregularities left after liposuction, lipodystrophy and small corrections in general.

Why can’t one have PMMA injections in USA?

The question is, why should you go to Colombia to undergo a procedure that involves no surgery, it is minimally invasive, requiring no particular down time?

Not as if talking about an extremely delicate and highly specialized surgery you must have  no matter how far you have to go!

Why is it you cannot have Bioplasty by PMMA in USA?

Well, not having FDA approval of the substance needed to have Bioplasty done is one thing. PMMA for face use only does count with FDA’s  go ahead, making it not a PMMA issue in itself but a matter of policies and investments, influences, brands and vast quantities of money too.  gates then are open for clandestine underground activities to take place, i.e. the famous so called “butt injections” have taken hold of  the scenarios.   There isn’t anything worse than dealing with chemical substances on these terms.

When it gets to the point you are definitely purchasing under the counter, not only you are being put at high  health risk   but also you don’t have any guarantee of anything, smuggling and altering is in the essence of the business, it’s the way mafia operates.

Then is when we focus on South America, a continent with a  long tradition in the buttocks field, for years bioplasty was performed gaining more and more adepts over there.   New substances were developed by advanced chemical laboratories which in conjunction with medical techniques and expertise in the buttocks sculpting art, got bioplasty developing at  a growing speed, thus doctors began having the recognition they deserved.

South American doctors are several steps ahead this field, their population is basically young, extremely sexy, joyful people not likely to undergo surgery unless inevitable.

Biocompatible bioplasty has gained the reputation it presently has throughout many years of research, practice, improvement; depuration of the technique, feedback from patients until getting the success they have these days.  Despite the predicaments generated by opportunism swarming like flies around this popular Latin honey plus all the efforts put into penalizing excesses of all kinds, Bioplasty itself under correct performance remains intact.  A nowadays approach for the dynamics of a hectic life and world, everything designed for the immediacy of the moment, a procedure with very high records of satisfactory results, a substance called PMMA which offers biocompatibility and is slowly biodegradable throughout time.

PMMA improved linked cross methacryl-hyaluronic-carboxicellulose is designed for buttocks use only which is duly INVIMA certified in some countries of  South America.

The possibility of having Bioplasty legally done in USA with appropriate medical protocols, performed by a licensed doctor, will be reality only when economic interests meet FDA’s  policies, until then a new dimension within this important aesthetic last generation medical tool will be denied to doctors in USA thus continuing to benefit illegal injectors who are the ones to take most favorable advantages by FDA banning.

It is not so drastic traveling these days after all and if you know you are going to a good reputable place where things are done properly and all you need is a couple of days away from home, confusion and uncertainty should not be an issue anymore being that our options in this country are non-existent in terms of experience and legitimacy of substances needed.

South American countries are the answer, no doubt about it!





Aesthetic revolution

The Bioplasty technique to have buttocks enhanced by PMMA.

This is an amazing medical technique developed many years ago by a known doctor in Brazil. It’s basic principles are simple and  coherent; promoting inner connective and fibrotic tissue around micro spheres implanted into gluteus muscles as the result of our body strong defenses against foreign agents.

This high technology substance with a strong accent put into biocompatibility as well as biodegradable abilities too for perfect interaction with human body, is called to be the most valid substitutes for surgeries that have not kept successful records and the only supposedly superiority claimed by surgery defenders is that  implants may be removed when times comes to it which is pretty soon anyway in the great majority of cases.

Last generation fillers, for face and muscles enhancement, said to be, by most renown experts in plastic surgery great advances in the aesthetics having an unimaginable projection for the coming years, have already change the picture, these are  already the options people are turning to when thinking about face rejuvenation and buttocks muscles mass loss replacement. Results are immediate within a totally easy going approach.

PMMA creates volume

The minimally-invasive medical techniques likely to be performed in-office, using these pearls of beauty that produce relevant immediate changes have already become the actual answer people nowadays are after. Bioplasty is no doubt the solution for poor muscles development, increase of volume, contouring, firming up and achieving maximum enhancement. Furthermore, gluteus muscles mass loss typical in middle age people cause great deterioration of the back region thus causing skin to have support from underneath missing thus collapsing with flaccidity. People having deficient back side cushioning end up sitting practically between upper thighs and bones which is extremely painful.

Buttocks have emerged from the bottom of the earth to make us realize things are dynamic, once taking care of our front fence was all that mattered,  now realizing our back yards stink is the trend!

Buttocks region becoming nowadays’ Celeb!! Decades being the Cinderella left behind, totally anonymous and forgotten about!

Through sophisticated minimally invasive medical techniques, these very hot high tech biocompatible substances both for face and buttocks enhancement are offering each of us the entrance to a world of injections that make the difference and things a lot easier too.

The speed of a rhythm that demands quick astonishing looks within few hours is such, that preference for these last generation aesthetic techniques grows day by day.

Younger people  have the need for aesthetic improvement to be fast, generous and as little invasive as possible.


Laser and tissue fillers are already part of the high technology medical battery to approach a demanding future where time plays a very important role . Much younger people than in the past step these days into the youth & beauty prolonging way of life, to possibly delay aging as far as possible and the deterioration processes hopefully therefore  never have the need for actual surgeries. Natural and believable faces and bodies to be remarkably real yet so beautiful, it’s the trend for all of us to enter into, the easy way out to accomplishing the task.

The stigmas left in our faces and bodies by the surgery boom era is the shouting out loud warning us heroines and pioneers of the times when doctors couldn’t do any better, have set the bases for our sisters and brothers to have across the new millennium.

Years of research for our modern Chemistry to develop these biocompatible compounds released finally for us to have the new options. Latest science advances at the reach of our hands, unique beauty elixirs that are producing dramatic changes in the beauty scenarios today.

The slogan is: if you are beautiful,  a surgery sign within you cannot be evident. Reaching your 70’s having not had face surgical rejuvenation is the greatest goal of all! These days you may accomplish it quite easily. The evidence left in our bodies and faces, the embarrassment of being detected immediately as a plastic surgery consumer is something unbearable to continue being so.

Body definition, muscle mass loss replacement, skin rejuvenation, contouring and projection of various regions of our bodies, from face to  toes,  enhancement needed to keep glowing fresh is already available for us!